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Capritor Miniatures

Tactical Space Dwarves 'Flamethrower Squad'

Tactical Space Dwarves 'Flamethrower Squad'

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  • Package of 6 Miniatures 
  • Sculpted at 28mm scale
  • Each miniature comes 'Supported' and 'Non-Supported'
  • Includes Six industrial Bases

Digital Download Includes:

  • 2 STL Files - Flamethrower Basic - With Supports + Without Supports
  • 2 STL Files - Flamethrower Crouch - With Supports + Without Supports
  • 2 STL Files - Flamethrower Crouch Shooting- With Supports + Without Supports
  • 2 STL Files - Flamethrower Ready - With Supports + Without Supports
  • 2 STL Files - Flamethrower Running - With Supports + Without Supports
  • 2 STL Files - Flamethrower Shooting Standing - With Supports + Without Supports
  • 6 STL Files - 25mm Industrial Bases

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3D Printable Digital Downloadable Files for Personal Use Only

Care information

Printing Digital Downloads

Our digital STL files are optimized for 3D printing on either an FDM or Resin (SLA, DLP,) home printer. Simply import this STL file into your favorite slicer and use settings or a profile you are comfortable with. The following are settings we use:


We like to FDM print our miniatures at .1 layer height using Cura and the "Fat Dragon Games Minis" profile on an unmodified Creality Ender 3. However there are many other great profiles out there that may work better for you.

As far as filaments go we have gotten the best results with Esun PLA+ filament. We have gotten pretty good results with Hatchbox PLA as well.

Resin (DLP or SLA)

For resin we use Monocure 3D Rapid Grey resin on an Anycubic Photon with these settings (NOTE: settings will vary according to temperatures and machines):

  • Layer thickness: 0.05 (mm)
  • Normal exposure time: 11 seconds
  • Off Time: 6.5 seconds
  • Bottom Exposure Time: 60 seconds
  • Bottom Layers: 4
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Digital Downloads

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