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Tactical Space Dwarf Army All 10 Squads + Bonuses Kickstarter Package

Tactical Space Dwarf Army All 10 Squads + Bonuses Kickstarter Package

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Late Pledge for the ALL 10 Squads + BONUSES Kickstarter  Package. Visit 'The  Tactical Space Dwarf Army Kickstarter Page' for more information on this package.

All files are in STL format ready for 3D printing

This Download includes the following:
- ALL 10 New Space Dwarf Squads

PLUS these 12 BONUS Space Dwarves:

- 6 BONUS Space Dwarves
- 2 BONUS Medic Space Dwarves
- 2 BONUS Casualty Space Dwarves
- 2 BONUS Injured Space Dwarves
- 6 Industrial Bases

That's 72 Space Dwarves!

3D Printable - 28mm Scale Miniatures

- Files are for personal use only.
- Licensing not available.

  • Specialists Squad
  • BFG (Big Friggin Gun) Squad
  • Assault Rifle Squad
  • Auto-Mauler Squad
  • Flame Thrower Squad
  • LMG (Light Machine Gun) Squad
  • Handgun Squad
  • KGL (Grenade Launcher) Squad
  • Submachine Gun Squad
  • Combat Shotgun Squad
  • BONUS | 6 EXTRA Space Dwarves
  • BONUS | 2 Medic Space Dwarves
  • BONUS | 2 Injured Space Dwarves
  • BONUS | 2 Space Dwarf Casualties
  • Pre-Supported Versions Included
  • Non-Supported Versions Included
  • Industrial Bases

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Downloadable 3D-printable STL files

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