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Capritor Miniatures

Cheyenne Female Half-Elf Mage (Digital Edition)

Cheyenne Female Half-Elf Mage (Digital Edition)

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'Just printed Cheyenne and I have to say, this is by Far the best model I've ever printed! Tested the pre-supported version and it worked like a Charm! Almost no post-prod needed, perfect print, pieces fit together perfectly (smart separation of fig) and amazing detail on model. Thank you!'

  • Sculpted at 75mm scale

Digital Download Includes:

  • 2 STL Files - Miniature With Supports
  • 2 STL Files - Miniature Without Supports 
  • 1 STL File - Spellbook Stand With Supports
  • 1 STL File - Spellbook Stand Without Supports
  • 1 STL File - Themed Base
  • 1 STL File - Plain Base

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Prototype 3D printed on an Elegoo Mars Pro 2 hobby printer.

Concept Art: Kasia Slupecka

Sculpture: Ay Sculpture & Capritor

Box Art: Angel Giraldez


Downloadable 3D-printable STL files

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Dark Elf Ylenia Bloodthorn 75mm Scale Miniature.  This model was painted by the talented Matt Carnevale

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