'...I can honestly say that your sculpts are my absolute favourites I have used by far and I really hope you continue to produce amazing models to the same insane level.



'Just printed Cheyenne and I have to say, this is by Far the best model I've ever printed! Tested the pre-supported version and it worked like a Charm! Almost no post-prod needed, perfect print, pieces fit together perfectly (smart separation of fig) and amazing detail on model. Thank you for this Awesome kickstarter!'



'Just printed this as my first ever 3d print. It came out perfect, and the supports came away with no problem.  The detail is also amazing, can't wait to get painting!'


Angel Giraldez - Professional Miniature Painter


The first time I saw this mini... I said: I need to paint it, and I need to paint it now! It was a pleasure to paint the box art for Capritor.