Commercial 3D Printing Services

We have been 3D printing for a number of years and have gained extensive experience in the resin and FDM 3D printing industry. In addition, our experience making props for the film industry that spans back over 20 years, has provided immense knowledge on the mould making and casting requirements of different products. This experience is of ultimate importance when it comes to printing masters for production, and is an added bonus to providing you with high-detailed prints for your production needs.

After extensively researching multiple professional DLP 3D printers such as the Envisiontec, the Asiga, and the Solus Pro, to name a few, we fell in love with the quality and the details provided by the B9 Core 550, their post processing equipment, and their high quality resins.  The B9 is a USA manufactured high-end three dimensional printer that uses specific high-quality resins, also produced in the United States.

The B9 was 'THE' machine to get! 

We use our B9 Core 550 DLP printer to produce extremely high-quality masters for your manufacturing needs as well as ours, because high-detailed and high-quality masters are the first step to top of the line end products.  

Contact us to discuss your project, we look forward to hearing from you!