NEW! Space Dwarves Coming - First Look!

NEW! Space Dwarves Coming - First Look!

Greetings friends!

Welcome to our new "News" blog!

This is where we will post from time to time on the happenings here at Capritor Miniatures. Mostly things relating to what we are making, upcoming Kickstarter Campaigns and any other news worthy items.

So without further ado....

Flavia and I wanted to share with you a first look at one of the upcoming "Space Dwarves" from a new set we are working on to expand our Original Space Dwarves range. First up here is Callsign "Rooster"

Space Dwarf Callsign "Rooster"

Space Dwarf Callsign "Rooster"

You can see him carrying a "Warthog" auto-shotgun for when things get "Up close and personal!". Definitely not someone you would to make upset or be in front of when things go down.

"Warthog" Auto-shotgun

We hope you enjoyed seeing this first model. Our "Space Dwarves" models have proven to be very popular and we have had many requests in the past to expand the range of miniatures. Stay tuned here, or follow us on social media such as Facebook and Instagram where we will be posting sneak peaks and updates as we develop the models.

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